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 About Moi!
O Hai Der! My name is Reyna from Makati, Philippines. I was born and raised in the city but still hails of my heritage as a "promdi-queen" from the mountaneous region of Panay Island. I graduated from one of the universities along Recto Manila as a Systems and Software Engineer and became a corporate slave in the busy streets of Ayala Avenue and then Ortigas. I dabbled in the call center industry for 2 years before I shifted my career to system implementation support and data analysis.

How I started blogging?
My blogging life started as a way to channel my emo stricken angst somewhere. Previously, I only intend to keep the blog private as it became somewhat like a sanctuary for me. From time to time I would post a few lines just to de-clutter my head. When I graduted from college, this blog became an update central for my bestfriends.

After almost 7 years and a few name changes (e.g. DarkAngel, RemyxxRina, Reyane's Haven) my blog is still online and has inspired a few friends to keep a blog of their thoughts as well.

I used to hate my name but has now come to embrace and own it. Thus, I'd like to announce the new change in my blog name, a braver and bolder theme and more interesting topics for the new year!

Why Echoserang Queen?
"Echos" has been my expression eversince I was in college aside from "Huy! Bakla!". Then first time I heard of the phrase "Echoserang Palaka" I couldn't stop laughing! I didn't know a frog can echos!  **chos, echos - is a Pinoy swardspeak expression that is usually added to sentences to rebut what someone said and to simply say "i'm kidding!"

Offline Life.
Whenever I'm not infront of a computer, my nose is stuck on reading a book or watching movies and marathon dvd/tv series. Sometimes I travel almost 3 hours to go to General Trias, Cavite (now with my Shih Tzu named MoiMoi) and spend the weekend with my mom and my overweight Labrador Retriever named Bachie.

How to Find Me:
Aside from this blog, I maintain another site where I photo blog about food titled FoodieThoughts, a multiply account where I keep personal pictures, an  online store - Reyane Haven , a page of my mom's tailoring shop - Jiore's and a facebook account.


Send me love letters:  echoserangqueen[@]yahoo[.]com

Thanks for visiting my site!

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