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Keep Trying....

"No matter how hard your dreams may seem, keep trying and never give up."

Today as I browse my facebook feeds I saw a  Britains Got Talent audition video by Lost Voice Guy who cannot speak but hilariously showcased his talent as a stand up comedian. (Seryoso! Di siya nakakapag salita pero he is witty, and he is brimming with so much happiness that he wants to share that happiness with the world by being a stand up comedian.) Then, I saw another video of Stephen Hawking and his impact to the world (You do know who Stephen Hawking is dont you?). And then napunta ko sa isang facebook page na Special Books by Special Kids where the founder uploads 2-3 minute videos of people with diagnosis and special needs. I found myself spending the next 2 hours watching videos from this awesome page na nag papakita ng unconditional love between siblings, true happiness between families and how awesomely loving is the heart of people with dissabilities. I was moved.

I was moved kase for the past days I don't want to get up from bed. Tinatamad yes. Pinanghihinaan ng loob you might say. I don't even wanna get out of the house. I don't wanna talk to people. Kase minsan may mga araw na may pinag dadaanan tayo na gusto lang naten mapag isa. And today parang nangusap si Lord saken by sending these videos at pinarealize how blessed I am and how important it is that we always look forward to everyday.  Nainspire ako sa kanila, sa mga people with dissabilities. How positive they look at the world and how much potential they can do overcoming their situation. Kung sila nga overwhelming yung love and kindness sa puso nila despite their condition tayo pa kaya. I see this beautiful smile by Taija Rodriguez and her passion na matupad yung dream nya na makalakad (mind you, ayun lang dream nya, napakasimple ang makalakad) and it made me reflect on my challenging days. I hope we will always respect and see the goodness in people. Sana maka inspire din tayo to always be thankful and keep going for your dreams. Happy Friday! 


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Thoughts Today

I've read somewhere na, "Those who do not manage their money will always work for those who do." Paano? How do they do it? Thats where I invest in books and learning.

How do I typically start my day? I wake up at 6 or 7am. Pick up a few misplaced stuff sa bahay, maglinis at magwalis ng konti. Gusto ko maaliwalas ang bahay bago ko umpisahan ang mga work ko. Then babatiin si haring araw ng magandang umaga at mag timpla ng kape! ☕ 

Today, hindi ako stressed sa city traffic nor worried ma late sa office. Because hawak ko ngayon ang oras ko. Nagagawa ko ano trip kong gawin. Nakaka pag work from home. Imbes na ma stuck sa drivers seat or mag commute, eto may oras pa ako para imanage yung maliit na online business ko. Nag babasa din ako ng self help books para mainspire lalo. These GoNegosyo books are really helpful. At malaking tulong that I surround myself with the people na may same goals as I do. Nakaka inspire sila. Every morning, after ko magkape I check my mini cash flow notebook at product on hand. I check my online orders kung kaya ko na imeet up or ideliver sa mga resellers. Then chat para sa orders, online deliveries at new online inquiries. It really helps na lagi akong online, anlaking pakinabang ng internet at 4G data plan. Bukod sa cellfone, calculator, at mga items for shipping kaharap ko tuwing umaga. May struggle pa din pero in my terms. Kasi alam mo besh pag walang struggle, ibig sabihin walang growth. Paunti unti everyday. So focus lang lage sa goals at ano reason why. Find that purpose and reason to wake up early everyday. My goal is not sobrang daming money. My goal is living life at my own terms.


High five sa mga SAHM at mga online sellers kong friends. Keep going besh! Do not doubt yourself. Empires are not built in a day. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Get Happy 101: Checklist #1 Enjoy the rain with Coffee

Spending quality time with myself, a Cosmo mag and a grande coffee jelly frapp on a rainy night along SB Ayala Avenue, heaven! First time I've done this and I've never felt this happy contented being alone. I'm making the most of a rainy night. Spending it reading with the soothing coffee bar music, sipping coffee frap and posting a quick blog post and a photo to remember this night by. It helps that this Starbucks branch is not jam packed with people and I don't have to feel ashamed spending hours glossing over fashion and kikay finds on this Cosmopolitan mag. I should do this more often. Ahihi! ^___^

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Hydroculture Plants

I've bought some hydroculture plants in cute mini pots. I have changed the plastic flower sa center table ko ng real plants. A friend said that according to fung shui, don't put plastic plants inside your home. It is better if they are real flowers or real plants. And while I was strolling Megamall the other day, I found this interesting little stall at basement BldgA. Infront of Surplus shop. It sells mini pots of assorted plants where I saw some cactus and little bamboo like plants. It interested me more when the lady was soo approachable and informative. I'll update this post with the stall information and plant information once I'm infront of a computer. The are the mini plants I bought for Php180.00 each including the pots and hydro pebbles. These are Fortune plant, Money Tree and Love plant. Where in I placed them at the center of my apartment. Good Fortune, More Money and Abundant Love please! Universe do your thing! (Nyahaha! I know, nabola ako ng saleslady.)

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AyosDito.Ph iBall - See you there!

Nuffnang and AyosDito.Ph invited me to experience the new Pinoy lifestyle - new Pinoy cuisine, new Pinoy music, games and prizes, and the latest in online buying and selling. An event will happen on June 8, 2012. Since I have an online shop, I got interested and will see you there! ^^

My First Glam Box Entry - Neutral Eye MakeUp

It's been a while I know. I have not updated much, not because I don't have things to tell but I am not sure how to get back to blogging. What best way is to start today. May 1. First day of my birth month. ^^

Today, Habibi and I went to the dentist for an oral prophylaxis! (iskerd!). Yes, I am afraid of the dentist and it was my first time for a dental cleaning. hahaha. We went to Dental City at Megamall and the doctors there are so nice. Habibi will be back next week to have tooth extraction. It's a good thing I am keen on my dental care and I only needed a simple filling. 

Afterwards, lakad lakad konti sa Megamall and checked some sale. I was able to buy some beauty loot. (Yes, I am into make ups now). Natutuwa ako mamili ng eye shadows and lipsticks. Naninibago nga ako kase gusto ko ng mga kakikayan. Maybe epekto to ng kakapanood ko ng "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". 

Nichido Make Up Loot (Very Affordable Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara)

Nichido StarDust Eyeshadow (Shade: Totally Neutral P168.00)

Color Sample Without Flash

Color Sample (With Flash)

My lower eye make up got smudged :(

Haha. I know this is not a beauty blog. But heck I cant help but share these narcissistic shots. 
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Welcome Aboard

It's been a year and two months since I got married. I know, ang bilis ng panahon. Ngayun pa lang ako nagsesettle sa pagiging Mrs. Ngayun pa lang ako nasasanay magpakilala ng "asawa ko". It's been a rough year and I know I was supposed to tell how I managed to pull a wedding together in one week. Yes, it was only planned, coordinated, organized and executed in one week. I still will have to sit down and get it all together and write details about it. So far, halo halo ang feeling. Minsan masaya, most of the time malungkot being a seaman's wife. In a year, 10 months kayong di magkasama. Pag nasa Manila siya, matagal na yung 2-3 months. So I guess, part time wife lang ang drama ko. Most of the time I'm in a single but already taken status. Di bali, according nga sa bestfriend Cyril ko who is also a wife of a seaman, sanayan lang daw ito. In a few years masasanay din ako. For now, I'll enjoy every moment na kasama ko ang asawa ko and I'll make it a moment na hindi kame nag aaway. Welcome back to my arms love.

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