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.Useless Attempt to Update this Blog.

Useless attempt to UPDATE my BLOG....
Its been quite awhile since i opened my blog and it seemed like aeons ago. No wonder nilulumot na mga articles dito ... hehehe joke! nyway, i Promised my sistah ... that i'll update this for her ... and i'm so inspired with her journal at that what i did the first time i opened my blog is to add her at my Friends links ... I really miss my REMYXX !

this is her message.....
" rina,
hey sis...
i love your blog - since when did you actually started it ??
my passion now is simply on the web and writing to my journal is my past time - hahaha , so i truly appreciate reading your stuffs - keep us updated and keep on posting - iL do mine soon

and oh by the way - i'm always using the rEMyX yahoo groups address para hindi na ma-close - i hope you guys don't get too mad for that -

just use folders and automatically filter out the messages para hindi na kasama sa inbox niyo - thanks for understanding -

love you guys. take care always. "

hehe...xenxa na .... wala lang ma i post ....


  1. hey sis, :)

    hahaha - it's not a useless update, nagpapainit ka lang uli siguro - hahaha - post more, i owe my bebo 2 entries na - hmmm, since it's my last day - i need to do combo -

    c yah sat! :)

  2. yahoooo! tnx sa pasyal! :)


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