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.Kakayanin ko Yan!.

i am currently in training for a new account. When i first knew that i was pulled out from my mother account- an inbound collections department for a Homephone in US , i was speechless, i dont know what to think! ..flashback: Mar 19,2005 Sat -- i alredy heard a few days ago that there are two new accounts and they are for outbound was the same account that we have but its outbound and the other one was for a collections dept for a mobile phone of course of one of the largest phone company in US. it was alredy hard being in an inbound collections acct so you need to understand how harder it is to be calling for customers who are deliquent with their phone bills and harass them to make payment for their bills . i was alredy praying not to be pulled out from my mother acct. but alas! my luck run out and my nightmare came true! The reality did not sink in first... actually i was still hoping that i would wake up within the next few minutes yet it did not happen. The end of shift came and i still dont want to admit that its my last received call. Next time that i sit in this post ... i'll be the one calling the customer for payment.
Mar. 21, 2005 Mon ... it was the start of training! i cant believe that this is really happening! :(
Now... im sitting here in training room, almost a week of training and has just finished my call simulation with my partner. It was mind blanking .... and i wasnt able to give it my best shot.... still needs improvement! huhuhu! Anluphet ng buhay pare ko! teka ... 5:47 Am na... yehey! uwian na ...(6:00) Babush! .. tulog buong araw ... taz another exam na naman pow mamaya pagpasok sa work! see yah!

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