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.pain and stupidity.

September 18, 2005 ....4:00AM

'm crying right now.. im in a lot of pain, Im thinking who should
be blamed for my pain.. is it him who wanted not to dissappoint me
but ended up hurting me instead or me that is s0o stupid to accept
the fact dat i can never be a part of his world? i wanted to
scream.. i wanted to shout my envies to the uncaring world....

i feel so stupid in loving soo much. All i wanted was a recognition,
a sign that he wants me to be a part of his world. Is it so much to
ask? i think so, .... what else can i ask for? my world revolves
around him alone,...what assurance can i have that he also feels
the same for me?... nothin' unless d world ends my miseries...

"Hindi masakit ang magmahal.. tao lang ang nananakit." *Phil Young
"Pain is GOOD... its a sign that you are STILL ALIVE".. *GI JANE

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