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The Philippine Star 10/19/2005

A week of holidays is too much to wish for, but
how about two long weekends?

Malacaang declared yesterday Nov. 2 and 3 as
working days and Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 and 4 as

National security officials also met yesterday to
draw up measures to ensure that terrorists or other
unscrupulous individuals would not be able to take
advantage of the coming holidays.

Oct. 31, which falls on a Monday, was declared a
special non-working day because it comes before a
regular holiday, All Saints Day on Nov. 1.

Nov. 4 is the Muslim celebration of Eid-ul Fitr,
marking the end of fasting during the holy month of
Ramadan. It is a national non-working holiday.

"Nov. 5 and 6 will be Saturday and Sunday, so
there will only be a long weekend," Executive
Secretary Eduardo Ermita said.

Under Proclamation 839, President Arroyo also
declared Dec. 26 this year as a special non-
working day and Nov. 28 a non-working holiday in
lieu of Nov. 30, Bonifacio Day, which she said will
be a working day.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye earlier said the
President signed the proclamation to give Filipinos
the chance to observe several important holidays
and for businessmen to adjust their operations

Dec. 26, also a Monday, comes after another
regular holiday, Dec. 25 or Christmas Day.

Malacaang also declared Bonifacio Day, which is
observed on Nov. 30 and is traditionally a national
holiday, a working day and instead made Nov. 28
a Monday a non-working holiday for Filipinos to
enjoy an extended weekend in line with the
Presidents "holiday economics."

All activities and celebrations in observance of
Bonifacio Day will still be held on Nov. 30, a

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