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nothing much new 'bout me....hehe.

just a few of the kicks i had lately.
1. just received my approved credit card.. yipeee!
2. shop kagad ng new camera phone.
3. received an incentive at work ... and hopefully again this week..
4. 1 year nko sa work
5. just passed my applications at the HR for my loan.. hehe
6. mah bro was accepted at jolibee as a crew.. hehe bro!* 2 piece chicken ko ha! tsaka double cheezy fries..
7. nga pla.... ive got a pending grand 3 day vacation... san kaya ko iistokwa?
any idea ?

1. hehe...forced leave anyone? how about suspension for 3 days bwahaha pasaway kase... atleast i got time to relax and find mah self... ive been so busy lately.....
tulog tau buong maghapon... day offf ko!!! whoahoooo!

ciao! till next time.

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