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sometimes people come be such a pain in the ass and be so insensitive. i cant concentrate at work thinkin what is now hapening to him. he might be somewhere dangerous or he might have been mobbed by "addiks and "tambays" somewhere. this feelin of hopelessness is killing me. i'm stuck here at makati doing my shitty job and he is somewhere in malabon, hell i dunno what God knows happened to him. Guys can sometimes be so insensitive to the other people's feelings. They dont even think that somewhere out there is someone caring and desperate to keep them outta trouble. You see, i know how guys can be so stupid especially if they are under the control of alcohol. damn! i dunno what im gonna do if ever somethin' bad happened to him. Everythin's doing great now, our relationship is going strong, have plans of marriage someday and his career is just within reach(*he just received a call from the shipping line company of preparing for his line-up)....i really really wish he is somewhere safe. Please God take care of him wherever he is right now. ;'(

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