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1. Thou shall not ditch thy friends for the sake of a guy. (soooo true ... *sigh*)
2. Thou shall keep in touch.
3. Thou shall have a regular friendship ritual, like being blood sister way back during college years. Start with a regular chicks' night out with your sistahs.
4. Thou shall tactfully point out any fashion or social mistakes thy friend is about to commit, to save her from making an embarrassiment of herself.
5. Thou shall be patient, kind and compassionate with thy friend -- even if she is dating a guy who deems a loser and unworthy of worship.
6. Thou shall always remember each other's birthdays.
7. Thou shall not be competitive with each other. Thou shall be sincerely happy for the other's fortune and vice versa.
8. Thou shall respect and celebbrate each other's differences and uniqueness.
9. Thou shall not judge and will always be ready with a kleenex or a cosmopolitan if thy friend encounters an emotionally innept asshole.
10. Thou shall not envy thy friend's good fortune, and instead rejoice in fact by offering a toast -- literally or figuratively -- in her honor.

::: *sigh* ....... i hope someone i truely miss would be able to read this.
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