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i wanna be sedated

yes. stop me please. give me something to quench this thirst. i wanna howl, i wanna scream all my agonies to the uncaring sun and moon. sheeeet!

i am in a new environment now. i have found new set of friends. we've been together for almost 2 weeks. and i have been a yosi buddy since.

i just had my mock call exam kanina. Wish ok yung result. nandito me ngayun sa net cafe.... trying to update my blog and at the same time vent out some frustrations. sheeet!

i'd like to be sedated please. I have this small crush on someone. Yes, a crush... meaning admiration... haha... :p .... so please sedate me before i do something stupid....

i tried reaching out for my bestfriend.... mae.... mae.... mae....! !!! huhuhu... busy and bestfriend ko.... hope you can read this.... i miss remyxx.... i miss you guys so much!

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