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.i feel bad for blaming Him for all my sorrows but i cant help it.
.please dont make me cry.
.eto ata yung tinatawag nilang \"depression\".
.well guess what... bordering to psychotic tendencies din ang depression.... so i guess i\'m juz crazy.
.dont mind me.
.sorry to ruin/sadden your day.
.i pledge before not to ruin other people\'s day thru my miseries.
.i tried to see all the positive sides to all situations.
.but sometimes one just has to weep and wallow.
.like the rain, she washes things para makita mo yung kagandahan ng nasa paligid mo.
.funny how people become so \"matalinghaga\" everytime they are depressed.
.i guess they just dont want you to see their true feelings.
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