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.can't take my eyes off you.

"you're just too good to be true..

cant take my eyes off you..

you feel like heaven to touch...

i wanna hold you so much.... "

wow, it has been a nice day today. at last, i found him again. The love of my life.... *i will not go into details... am just gonna cross my fingers that this time.... i will not use the cliche .."some things are not meant to be our's no matter how hard we try" instead .. i'd now be using ..... try and try ... if it will not work... try again!!

ive been really having such a nice time here in ST. Louis Missouri. The people here are so nice and theyve got exciting places to see. Of course they dont have the beatiful beaches and resorts that we have in the philippines but hey ... we get to experience the cold weather and if im lucky get to experience snow!! who needs to done a bathing suit anyway... duh!

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