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St. Louis Missouri

This is an entry posted by my sis Mae. I just thought i'd show some pics for you to appreciate Missouri.These are just a few of the places that I've been here.

Today Missouri, USA.... next.. I'd be touring the rest of the world! Yipeee!

Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by eight states Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Missouri was originally purchased from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The Missouri Territory was admitted into the union as the 24th state in 1821. The state has 114 counties and one independent city.
St. Louis, a large city in Missouri is known as the "Gateway to the West" because it served as a departure point for settlers heading to the west as well as the starting point and the return destination of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is a state with both Midwestern and Southern cultural influences, reflecting its history as a border state between the two regions. The state is named after the Missouri Siouan Indian tribe whose Illinois name, ouemessourita (wimihsoorita), (meaning "those who have dugout canoes".The confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers is located in Missouri.

MOTTO: Salus populi suprema lex esto (Latin, "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law").
BIRD: Blue Bird
Animal: Missouri Mule
Fish: Channel Catfish
Insect: Honey Bee
Flower: Hawthorne
Tree: Flowering Dogwood
Song: "Missouri Waltz"

Here are the Missouri State Parks; I wanted to type them all here but they're just too many. :)
Few of these are Harry S. Truman Library, Gateway Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Union Station.

These are pics are taken in only one day. Last June 2, we went to Anhouser Busch (Budweiser) and Gateway Arch. Gosh! nahirapan akong mag upload ng mga pics na to dahil sa sobrang dami. It took me half a day just to make a slide show kasi ang bagal ng internet and paulit ulit pa ko. But here it is.... Enjoy the pics!

end of log.


  1. hey sis,
    thanks for the pics :), nice nice nice
    kahit tayo lang fan ng blog naten, pwede naren... ingat lagi! :)

  2. sis,
    i visited marks' space but he's not updating? any news?

  3. sis.. sa friendster na ata sya nag a update si markie


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