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080907... wala ako maisip title.. haha

I almost forgot about my blog. This week has been so sluggish for me. Nothing much happened... or shall i say nothing interesting happened for me this week. MOnday to friday, we head for work. And I stayed in the aprtment this Saturday and Sunday. Its Thursday now. only one more day till Weekend. Hehe. *isang tulog na lang ... Sabado na naman...*

Medyu bumibilis na ang araw. Isang buwan na lang at uuwi na kami sa Pinas. Isang buwan na lang.. balik normal na uli ang buhay ko.

For now... picture taking muna tayu ... wehehe

post script:

“When every day seems the same, it is because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our lives.”
Source: The Alchemist
ummm... dum di dum dum...

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