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feb 14, 2008. i woke up with a box of 3 red roses (with a sweet note) and a bunch of hugs and kisses from someone very special. It was from hon and nakakatuwa because its the first time i received flowers from him. After almost 5 years of being together. Nakakakilig! hehe... He is not the kind kasi that will shower you with gifts and flowers. But he does everything to please me. He devoted his time nowadays in being with me. Making up for all the lost time na lagi syang away due to work. Di nya daw papalagpasin ang valentines na eto 2008 na hindi ako kasama. He has been telling me too that he wants to be with me everyday. WUssshooo! hahaha.. Aw! how sweet! miss na miss nya daw ako everyday. And I can tell he is telling the truth with the way he hugs me. This guy... he really loves me. Thank you Lord for giving me such a very awesome and understanding man.

I should have posted this last Feb 14 but was too caught up with all the happenings in my life that I forgot to. Oh well, thank you for reading...

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