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.Samsung Digicam Issues.

Grrrrrr.... I am really frustrated today when I realized that my Digicam for almost 2 years a Samsung S630 is now failing me. Just when I am about to go to Baguio (or Tagaytay) tomorrow and would like to take more pictures than I can.

Found out that this is really a Samsung problem. Sensor "becomes weak issues". I have searched alot and this seems to have no other fixes than to buy a new one. Note to self: Don't ever buy a Samsung digicam anymore.

I bought this cam 2007 when I went to the US for a price of $99.00. Cheap compared to other cameras that time with price range of $150-250. During that time, I just want something to point and shoot. For the past years, I treasured it like a best friend who has been with me for all my US excapades and first time experiences. It's sad bidding goodbyes to an old friend. But I am saving for a new gadget before my birthday. ^_^

Will post the annoying over exposed and horiozontally lined pics tomorrow just for kicks.

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