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An HR manager died and found himself before the Pearly Gates. As he hadn't seen an HR manager in some time, and being in a mischievous mood, St Peter decided to allow the manager to tour both heaven and hell before deciding which he'd prefer. Thinking he'd leave the best until last, the manager first went down to look at hell. To his surprise, he found it was nothing like he'd imagined. Instead of the fiery inferno he'd expected, he found hell to be more like an exclusive country club. He was met by the devil himself, wearing a business suit and oozing charm and bonhomie. Taken for a tour around the luxury accommodation, across the manicured grounds, around the leisure facilities, the manager was even allowed to play a round of golf on the exquisite, championship course. For the whole day, he was pampered, served and spoiled, wanting for nothing.
The next day the manager was taken for a tour of heaven. Predictably, this was also very impressive. Clean, fresh, relaxing, wholesome, and as welcoming as he'd always envisaged. For much of the day though, he was left alone, to savour heaven's peace and tranquility. At the end of the tour, St Peter asked the HR manager which he was going to choose. After careful reflection, the manager decided to opt for hell. "It's not at all as bad as I'd imagined, he said, "and, as nice as heaven is, I think there's more going on in hell. It's a better fit for me."

Without another word, the manager was transported to the gates of hell. As these opened he found himself standing before a hot, arid, wasteland, filled with toiling labourers. This was nothing like the hell the manager had seen the previous day. The devil greeted him again, but this time it was very different. "Get to work," shouted the red-cloaked devil, pushing him roughly into the crowd. "What's happened?" cried the manager, in anguish. "This is not what you showed me yesterday!"

"Ah," replied the devil. "That's because yesterday we were recruiting. Today you're an employee...bwahahaha"

The Ultimate Career Change Advice? Remember - "Not ALL that glitters is gold...." T_T

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