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My Thoughts on HK and KH

After a week of hiatus and a busy work week, I am able to open my blog and write something.

Honestly, I felt that there is nothing news worthy about this week. Especially that the HK and KH issue has been in the news debunking the A(H1N1) issue from the top of the more worthy news list. I have seen those videos and refuse to link my blog on them so do not bother to ask me where to find those scandals. ^_^

Blogwalking, I found this quotes from Hari ng Sablay. And I needed to double take what I read. Realizing, what he said about... I laughed so hard my Hon taught I was crazy. Let's see if you can get it too after the jump.

"Nga pala bat hindi tinutubuan ng pimples si HK? Sabi kasi sakin nung bata ako... Hoy! wag kang kain ng kain ng mani ah, magkakapimples ka! Ay onga pala may VB siya. Pero nakakapagpatalino daw yun. Yung peanut. Kaya siguro naging doktor siya noh".- Hari ng Sablay
Here's the closest I can get to being scandalous... hahaha...

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