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Vanessa Hudgens To Reveal "ALL"

This headline caught my attention today that says Vanessa Hudgens, the 20 year all star of the hit Disney show High School Musical will reveal "all" for "an Amazing Movie Role". That quite put a smirk on my face since her "all" is not new to everyone in the web when her "nekid" photos circulated in the net in 2007.

She stills says that experience was traumatic. But will agree to pose in the buff again for the sake of "amazing movie" and passion. haha.... those lines remind me of lines of our local starlets posing "nekid" for art's sake.

The fun part is... she is not the only one shedding her wholesome image.

Zac Efron, 21, posed with a naked woman in Interview Magazine...


  1. i wish that you read carefully what vanessa said in the interview
    it will change your opinion.
    i personally love the maturity of her answer so i support the girl 100%.

  2. thanks for the comment anonymous.... ^_^
    and thanks for your opinion


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