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Reyane's Food Haven

Gee!... After posting my first ever cooked dish after a long hiatus of not cooking, I was inspired from Mommy Peach's Kitchen to make a food blog. I love to cook and have a penchant for great dining. I had drafts and lay-outs a year ago for the food blog but it never materialised. None the less, I continued to take photos of food and dining with my friends. Some of these photos, I was able to share here in my personal blog but mostly were kept. So finally, I decided to make a separate blog where I would share my combined love for food and amateur photography. After an hour of tinkering with the CSS and HTML codes, tsaaaaran! Here comes Reyane's Food Haven. Some of the pictures are taken using my Samsung Digicam and some are taken using my Nokia N70 camera phone so please bear with me in the picture quality. In the future, I plan to buy a new digi cam or maybe a Nikon DLSR to take these to the next level. ^_^

Meanwhile, please visit my Food Haven.

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