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New Phone - Samsung S3600

After years of using bar phones from Nokia, I finally decided to change to a flip phone. Usually, Motorazr are the first choice of people but since my friend Daisy has bought a Samsung flip phone last December which she finds very convenient I decided to switch my Nokia N70 Music Edition to the same phone - a Samsung S3600.

I might have lusted over a Nokia 5800 touch phone last February but I don't go to stores and buy the high end quality techie products. I prefer asking friends their experience and review about the phone they have before I plunged into buying a new one. Technology is fast changing and it would be a waste of money if one impulsively buys a gadget worth 20 - 25 thousand plus with all its high end specs but uses only a few of the system specs then after a few months the price of that cellphone drops down to a few thousands because theres a new version.

I usually go for cellphone functionality and what are the necessary functions that I will be using day to day. 3G phones are nice to have but we don't usually call our contacts let alone video call. Phones with 5 MP carl zeiss camera are nice to have but if I need a high end picture taker, I'd rather buy a digital camera.

There are some features from my previous phone that I considered nice to have but I can use a phone without them. I use to say, even if I love technology and is excited by everything advanced and techie, I can get by with a phone where I can just text and call.

Another consideration why I limit my self to buying a moderately priced phone is because of the rampant cellphone snatching. Ika nga, mawala man ang phone, hindi masyadong masama sa loob because hindi naman siya ganun kamahal.

Olright, I think I have justified enough of my kakuripotan in buying a phone. I forgot that I should be doing a review of the product. ^_^

I found a few disadvantages and advantages on my new phone. I will get back to you later on the complete review.


  1. LOL ! THATS AN AWESOME PHONE! >_> but since im old fashioned ill stick to my bar one. xD besides i think i might break a flip one in half. xD

  2. Oh!! It's useful post for me... I'm too looking for a new cell phone... Thanks for the information!! This phone looks great!!


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