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Are All Your Friends Getting Married?

As I get older, I realize there are fewer and fewer singles left in my "girlfriends" and "sistahs". Many of my friends are choosing to settle down and leave the single life. Although I claim that I will get to that point one day or I may opt to never wed, I can't help but feel "inggit" and wake up sometimes dreaming of my perfect wedding, planning the details and browsing through wedding magazines. This week I felt that I needed to research on options whether to get a Church Wedding or a Civil Wedding. I think these notions are just brought by the wedding plans that my "sistahs" Lucky and MheAnn are doing.

When you have these realizations, it can be rather shocking. I feel many things. I'm glad that I am not giving in and feels that I should be thankful I still have my freedom. Likely, I also feel as if I need to play “catch up” and get wed before they do. ^_^ When you think about it realistically, Do I need to panic if I'm still single and I'm still 4 years into going 30?

Ladies should wait until they are sure that they are ready to tie the knot. Sometimes singles will rush into marriage just because they fear being the only single person left. Sit back and take it slow.
The REMYXX girls during our college years.
MheAnn and Trek Engaged (frm Friendster)
Lux and Bert Engaged (frm Friendster)
After 5 years...
Gown measurement and bonding time for Lucky's wedding, Sept. 5, 2009


  1. mare i luv ur entry...always remember that things will fall into its place in His time...just patient...keep loving! *MUAH*

  2. yihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, sis.. lemme know.. hah. i want to see how you'll go ga-ga preparing.. hehehe, and to see you feel the kilig moments.. truly priceless. :) i'll just enjoy watching you all... :D

  3. i feel you. we're probably the same age (4 yrs to go before 30, hehe).. been single all my life but i have yet so many things to accomplish as a single lady but i do feel envious at the 'lovey dovey' couples because it does get lonely sometimes.


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