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Echoserang Queen: New Year, New Domain!

About Moi!
Hi there! My name is Reyna from Makati, Philippines. I was born and raised in the city but still hails of my heritage as a "promdi-queen" from the mountaneous region of Panay Island. I graduated from one of the universities along Recto Manila as a Systems and Software Engineer and became a corporate slave in the busy streets of Ayala Avenue and Ortigas. I dabbled in the call center industry for 2 years before I shifted my career to system implementation support and data analysis.

How I started blogging?
My blogging life started as a way to channel my emo stricken angst somewhere. Previously, I only intend to keep the blog private as it became somewhat like a sanctuary for me. From time to time I would post a few lines just to de-clutter my head. When I graduted from college, this blog became an update central for my bestfriends.

After almost 7 years and a few name changes (e.g. DarkAngel, RemyxxRina, Reyane's Haven) my blog is still online and has inspired a few friends to keep a blog of their thoughts as well.

I used to hate my name but has now come to embrace and own it. Thus, I'd like to annouce the new change in my blogname, a braver and bolder theme and more interesting topics for the year 2010!

Why Echoserang Queen?
"Echos" has been my expression eversince I was in college aside from "Huy! Bakla!". Then first time I heard of the phrase "Echoserang Palaka" I couldn't stop laughing! I didn't know a frog can echos!  **chos, echos - is a Pinoy swardspeak expression that is usually added to sentences to rebut what someone said and to simply say "i'm kidding!"

Offline Life.
Whenever I'm not infront of a computer, my nose is stuck on reading a book or watching movies and marathon dvd/tv series. Sometimes I travel almost 3 hours to go to General Trias, Cavite and spend the weekend with my mom and my overweight labrador retriever named Bachie.

How to Find Me:
Aside from this blog, I maintain another site where I photo blog about food, a multiply account where I keep personal pictures, an  online store, a page of my mom's tailoring shop and a facebook account.

Send me a love letter:
Thanks for visiting my site!


  1. ikaw pala ito. new domain yehey! good luck sa blog mo ulit. :)

  2. salamat sa pagbisita... :)

  3. wow this is refreshing! welcome to the world queen :D *hugs* its about time after years of knowing you, to finally get out of your shell. i love it :) see you soon girlfriend

  4. Hi Reyna,

    I'm delighted to read a bit about you. I understand the privacy issue. I have opened and closed blogs under other names for that reason.
    Your name reminds me of nature because I see the spelling and think of rain, which I LOVE to watch and feeds our precious earth. I'm glad you embrace your name now and find reading about your heritage fascinating!

  5. Hello Reyna. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Great job on this site. :)

  6. hey! nice one. Its my first time to visit ur blogsite :-) nice one. Its me Ms. Earth

  7. oh hi Ms. Earth!... sis! I miss yah!.. musta ka na?

  8. Thanks for visiting Sarah!

  9. hi reyna, lucel here.. nice site ah.. i've been reading your blogs.. grabe super full of thoughts ka, still the same cute and mabait high school classmate.. ^^

  10. hi Lucel! Thanks so much for visiting!

  11. hi!! thanks for dropping by my site! :)

  12. hi! thanks for dropping by my site! :)

  13. uy! may tailoring shop pala si mudra mo. nice! :)

  14. yes ms. Eysilicious... may tailoring shop si mudraness.. ^_^

  15. omg, i dont know kung ppano q uumpisahan 'to. ahh alam q na., nagumpisa ang lahat ng may mapanood aqng isang bekimon video sa wall q., at hnanap q na ang may kagagawan ng lahat.. si BERN JOSEP PERSIA. kya lng puno n ung isang account nia.,
    so gora aq dun s isang niang account.
    at ayun., nging masugod n akong tga subaybay s BEKIMON fan page nia.,
    ngaun nmn., nakarating n q d2. stalk kita s twitter.
    omg ulit. hnd n buo ang araw q kpg wala ka.
    you always make me smile.
    at sana mapasaya dn kita..
    i love you and god bless po

  16. hi Iche!

    wow! tats naman ako sa comment mo. ^_^ Salamat at napapasaya kita. at salamat din sa iyong pagbisita. Balik ka ulit.

  17. ang tagal mo na pala nag blog sis.. what an inspiration..

  18. thanks sis charmie! ^_^

    you have some awesome sites as well.

  19. thank you sa suporta teh,... - Bern Josep Persia here

  20. awwww! napatumbling ako sa tuwa.... nyahahaha! Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking blog Mr. Bekimon! aylaveeeet! ^_^


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