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Ice House

Cold times indeed! Have you seen the news in CNN about blizzards in North America and Europe? I have seen glaciers and Ice Lakes before and being a Pinay experiencing winter in US, that was like an out of this world moment for me during my US stay. It was very fun.
However, I found out that living in a country with winter weather could be deadly. If the heater bugged down or no fireplace, it could be a very scary experience.

Today, I found a news that shows a whole house turned into a glacier!
A broken pipe turned a Chaska, Minnesota home into a house of ice.
With no activity inside the house, no water being run, with the air movement being less in the house, it kind of sets it up for these situation where a house can freeze up and you end up with a broken pipe," explained Chaska Water and Sewer Superintendant Dean Hylland. Hylland says it's the worst damage he's seen in 31 years on the job.
Click here for the complete story.

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