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The Plot to Disrupt 2010 Election Poll Transmission

While commuting on my way to work, I happen to listen to the cab's AM radio and learned from Ted Failon about a plot to disrupt the automated Elections on May 10. A device smaller than a Blackberry cellphone and cheaper than 2 sacks of rice called Signal Jammer, a lot of these is allegedly brought and sold in the country. Can you try counter jamming a signal jammer with another jammer device? Eek! ang gulo... Pano na yan? Hindi na makaka comment si Vice Ganda ng...... " dahil jan... MAY NAGTEXT!"  :p
MANILA, Philippines - Delays are not the only problems facing the Commission on Elections in automating the May 10 polls.

Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said the poll body has received reports that 5,000 signal jammers or SIM blockers have been brought into the country, which could disrupt the transmisson of data on election day.
Jimenez said the Comelec is working on counter-measures to prevent the signal jammers from disrupting the transmission of election results to the Comelec central office. He said the poll body could use a device that would block the jamming equipment or it could bring in more broadband global area network satellite antennas as a contingency measure.
The issue of transmission of the poll results came to the fore last Friday after Smartmatic-TIM precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines, which will be used in the May 10 elections, failed to transmit the election data to Comelec's central servers using GSM. A Comelec official said poll oficers used satellite communication instead of GSM to transmit the data.
Smartmatic International Sales Director Cesar Flores, meanwhile, said the company has acquired 5,000 satellite antennas for areas in the Philippines that have no stable telecommunication capacity.
Flores said lack of a telecommunications signal or GSM signal, would hinder the electronic transmission of results from the precincts to the municipal, provincial, and national canvassing.  - ABS-CBN News
For the record, madami pa ding lugar sa bansa ang walang maayos na communication transmitters at signals.
Baket hindi na foresee ng mga lumagda sa bill at contract ng election automation na to ang ganitong scenario?


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