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Miss you Like Crazy (2010)

Even though it's been so long.... my love for you keeps goin' strong... I remember the things that we used to do... A kiss in the rain 'til the sun shine through... I try to deny it but I'm still in love with you.

" Time is meaningless when you are in love..."

Last night was one of those rare nights I get to spend quality time with Sweetiepie♥. For me, quality time was snuggling beside him inside the cinema appreciating a great movie. As usual, for him quality time was sleeping beside me. ^_^  That's really understandable if you only know how hard his work is.

We watched Miss you like Crazy, a film directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and stars John Loyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. John Lloyd plays the character of Alan Alvarez, a young urban professional who, despite coming from a middle class family, is a mainstay in the high society scene, courtesy of his girlfriend played by Maricar Reyes. Bea, on the other hand, plays the character of Mia Samonte, a typical young breadwinner who decided to work abroad to support her family. Bea’s unusual habit of writing on stones to express her feelings plays an instrumental part in making Alan and Mia’s paths meet.

Bea and John Loyd's acting was commendable. The chemistry of their love team is still there. Although the movie was not as great as One More Chance (Popoy and Basha), they still moved me. I cried buckets of tears when Allan (August) after 2 years of searching for his love, saw Mia got proposed to and she accepted. I cried tears for all their mishaps in trying to find happiness in each other while at the same time trying not to hurt the people in their complicated lives. I cried bucket of tears when I feel the same as Mia felt, never forgiving her father for choosing his "kabit" over their family making her the breadwinner.
Miss you like crazy is a wonderful post-Valentine treat for hopeless romantics like moi. ♥ The theme song was sung by Eric Santos and another was sung by Aiza Seguerra. I like Aiza's version.

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