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Potipot Adventure with the FA Team

I photo blogged last month about a weekend I spent with Sese, Charm and my former teammates. It was a weekend well spent. We went to Potipot - a small island in the province of Candelaria, Zambales. From the scorching heat of the city, we rented a van and drove more than 6 hours all the way to Zambales through NLEX.
After many hours of falling asleep and waking up to the team's laughter...... we finally arrived at the Dawal Resort. The team rented an over night room good for 6 people. The resort is clean and not crowded. The place is very cozy and great for relaxation.
But this is really not what we came here for. We came for that island not far away.

To get to the island, we rented a boat good for 6 people for Php400.00 pesos back and forth na yun. And 100.00 each as entrance to the Potipot Island.

This is a first time in this island for everyone of us. Charm has this goal to get a photograph of the Sunset and Sunrise so we agreed to go the island immediately after we arrived. We are not gonna waste a sunset with the look of that lovely white beach.

(photo by Ayin)

We were not dissapointed kahit na sobrang layo ng nilakbay namen para makarating lang dito. It was a journey worth all the hardships. The small island pristine. The water so clear.

And the sunset!!.... Oh that beautiful sunset......
I will never forget that for the rest of my life.


  1. queen!!! idate mo naman ako dito sa potipot!! waaaaah badtrip im soo tied up at work, kidnapin mo na'ko!

    ganda ng shots ahh, uyy yung plamis mong gagawin akong mowdel di pa natutupad ha, may utang ka sakin

  2. OMG- These sunsets on the beach are awesome!!!!!! Great mood with those silhouettes, too.


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