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Virtual Hair Make Over

Since I was very fond of the link that Ms. Kim shared...... eh... I'd like to spread the happiness with you... ^__^  This really made my day.... I was able to fulfill my dream of getting a drastic hair color change and getting curls on the same day. Head on to In-Style - MakeOver to try it for yourself and have a happy day!

Shakira Hair
Taylor Swift Hair
Sandra Bullock Hair
Christina Hendricks Hair
Kyra Sedgwick Hair
Jennifer Garner Hair
Miley Cyrus Hair
 Hahahaha.... These are one of my pathetic moments... 


  1. wehehe...gusto ko din mag-ganito..

  2. Oh, lots of fun! I will try it.

  3. bagay sayu sis since ur in the states why not give it a try

    hahah! i miss you girl


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