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What are love handles and why are they called that?

Today, while looking at my "bilbil", I came upon a very intelligent question.

What are love handles and what are they for? If they are called "love handles" why does nobody want them? So I googled it and found their answers.

• Answerer 1
When you are being ridden or you are doing the riding during love making they can be grabbed on to for extra support. 

• Answerer 2
Cuz, it gives your SO something to grab onto, either as a form of flirting, and to grab during love making, and/or passion, or to grab to get your attention for something, and sometimes to tease romantically.

• Answerer 3
For the same reason your ears are as well. Think about it... ^___^

Ganun pala yun? Eto ba love handles din??? Pathetic!.... nyahahaha...

Answers found in Yahoo Answers.

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