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Glad that I don't Live in Iran!!!... where a Cleric said Dogs are "unclean"

I think this Iranian cleric is absurd!..... he along with all the dog-meat-eaters-in-Asia should all be condemned. I have never known a love so unconditional like the way my dog does for me and my family. I could never trade anything for the happiness Bachie gives me whenever she sees us. And honestly, My love for dogs will not be tainted with the ramblings from this stupid religious fanatic. It is so ridiculous for him to say that Dogs are "Unclean"! As if naman the people from Iran are all clean ha?! Baka nga mas mabango pa si Bachie ko kesa sa kanila eh! Hmmmmpf! *mainit na ang ulo*
Haven't he heard of Gelert, Bobby, Shep, or Hachiko? Who are the most loyal dogs ever in history and even if their masters are dead..... their unconditional love extends beyond grave. These dogs patiently waited for their masters and was never discouraged by heat or cold. Gelert even gave up his life for his master's son. So to fine anyone on their country for just playing with dogs in public is absolute lunacy!
Man’s best friend is too filthy to be kept in Iran. That’s the verdict from cleric Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi, who issued a religious ruling (a fatwa, in the Islamic faith) decrying the practice of keeping dogs as pets.

“Friendship with dogs is a blind imitation of the West,” Shirazi said, according to a Reuters report. “There are lots of people in the West who love their dogs more than their wives and children.”
Iranians face fines for bringing dogs out in cars or playing with them in public parks. Shirazi says Islamic tradition teaches that dogs are “unclean.” (Reuters, via Calgary Herald)


  1. I like dog but it depends what kind of dog too.. Well, in Europe, Western and Middle East, dog are their best friend.

    Have a nice day, visiting you here!

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