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How Clutter Free is your Desktop?

I am such an OC!.... I want everything in it's rightful place. Pati sa computer desktop ko, naging ganito na ko ka OC. I like staring at my work laptop and not seeing alot of files scattered in the desktop. There are only 3 icons, a Recycle Bin, the TEMP folder where I keep the files that I need to work on for the week and the URGENT folder where I keep the files and projects that I need to work and finish immediately. I also have google apps that let's me see the status and performance of my computer, a calendar, a weather app, and direct links to MS Office and common drives. How do you manage and keep your computer files? Share some tips on the comment box below.
Click on the picture for a clearer pic.
 And oh!... This cute puppy wallpaper keeps me happy everyday!... ^_^

Btw, my laptop desktop used to look like this...... Meet my Desktop.


  1. omg!!! im so jealous!!!
    i will de-clutter my desktop today!
    u inspired me!!!

  2. nice and simple. ako anything goes. files sa folder, files sa desktop. hahaha. i don't use my desktop naman eh except for storing quick-to-find files. :P


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