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Sinkhole in Guatemala: How the hell did that happened?!

(Click on the images to see the high resolution version). 
 This sinkhole appeared last sunday in a street intersection of Ciudad de Guatemala. 

A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of underground soil by water. Usually, it happens when the substrate is formed by limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds or any other rock that is easily eroded by water streams. The process could be slow, but sometimes the land just cracks open without notice. In this case, it happened suddenly, swallowing an entire house. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.

Sinkholes' size ranges from low terrain depressions to hundred of meters. Unlike the similar sinkhole that killed two teens in 2007, there seems to be no victims. At least one local newspaper is reporting one person dead, but the authorities have not confirmed it. Some neighbors claim that a whole three-story building and a house fell into the hole.
Holey Shit!.... That hole is sooooo big!.... Reports say it is 200 feet deep and a 6 story house fell into the hole! 

I wonder if they will turn that into a big garbage hole to dump their country's waste or use it as a hole to dump dead enemies like King Leonidas did in 300?


  1. saw this in the news. cool-looking sinkhole. =)

  2. uu nga eh... parang may UFO na lumanding at dinala pati yung soil when it went away....

    Pero nakaka takot kung sa Pinas yan.... pero if ever mangyari... I will suggest na gawing dump site... hehehe.. endless hole cguro yun.

  3. Yay!! Katakot!!! dami ng calamities, teka considered bang calamity yan? LOL, bobita! :-)



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