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Star City, Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Last week, an officemate gave us free tickets to a performance by Lisa Macuja and Freestyle at Aliw Theater. It was quite an adventure going against the heavy rain on a Friday night to be able to reach Roxas Blvrd. We had a hard time reaching the show which started 7pm so we end up watching only the final ensemble. Freestyle sang Single Ladies while the ballet dancers were very colorfully and gracefully dancing to the upbeat tune.
After the show, the free Aliw Tickets also entitled us for an all-ride-and-entrance pass to Star City!!.Yey! It was actually Hon's first time to be in Star City so we had fun discovering the rides and sights.

I wanted to try the Bumper Cars but the line was too long.

Hon wanted us to go inside the Dungeon.... but I was too scared so he ended up walking this alone.

Then... there was this Mummy .... we went together inside... but all the time I kept my eye shut while screaming.... nyahahaha...

The classic Wild River Log was still there...

But the best one is the Snow World.... we had to pay P100 additional entrance fee to Snow World...but it was worth it!... We had fun sliding down the ice. Unfortunately, we dont have pics as I was too afraid my point and shoot camera couldn't stand the cold.
I didn't try the rides below.... I'm too scaredy!... ^_^

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