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The Poshiest Blogger Contest of the Year!!

Last night I twitted, "Lord, please gimme something to look forward to tomorrow...... and I am not talking about the laundry..... "

And then voila!... before I logged out my computer.... I visited one of my favorite bloggers and I saw that she is doing an Ultimate Blogging Contest titled 8,888,888.  The rules are pretty simple.... you just have to visit her site and look at the STATS to turn 8,888,888 then screen capture it and send to her email. Now, I salivated so much when I saw what she is giving for the fastest 3 lucky winners! Yes, you read it right... only 3!... but you have got to be really really lucky to see the meters show 8888888!!!.... This is how I am spending my Saturday right now..... glued to her site! I really really wish I can be one of those 3 very lucky winners. Right now there are 450-500 people logged to her site. Waiting for the stats to show those lucky numbers.

These are the prices at stake.... Luggage Bags full of mini notebook, printer, Ipods, fahsion finds, Bench, Promod, SM 10,000 gift certs, Giordano, Olay, Boss and much much more other product sponsors!...
Head on over to Chuvaness.Com  to join the frenzy!


  1. grabe itong si chuvaness. kelan kaya ikaw magpapaganyan? pacontest ka rin ng ganyan. hahaha.

  2. nakow! di ko keribels ang mga ganyan bigating prizes...

    Kaw na lang Calvin!... pa raffle mo yung Lenovo mo or Seinhesser... nyahaha

  3. sino nanalo?

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I think, there has been some cheaters daw na dinoktor yung screen caps so she decided to forfeit the contest.


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