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Twilight vs. Vampire Chronicles

...Vampires became glittering woodland fairies, while Werewoles became big huggable Siberian dogs!
Vampire Mania much!....How do today’s blood suckers stack up to those from the past, like Dracula, Angel, Viktor, Akasha and Lestat? I say, Edward and the Cullens are losers. Glittery vampires?!...
For starters, I am an Anne Rice fan but that didn't stop me from buying the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer. I have read the Twilight series. Grueling all four books! It came to me as boring while I found the Vampire Chronicles exceptionally beautiful written literature. Once you get hold of a Vampire Chronicles novel, you will get transported to a different world and a Millenia of history.
Queen Akasha and Lestat
The Vampire Chronicles have original and interesting main storyline(s) plus many, many interesting and colourful histories on the side. Such the story of Louis and Claudia, then Lestat becoming a rock star for the fun of breaking the rules as extremely as possible and happens to wake the vampire queen. And as for the "side storylines", more or less side those of as in fact these are the very bases to the other ones; Lestat's entire mortal life, his and Nicolas's story, the story of the Twins, Marius's story... There's so much and indepth in the Chronicles and it all links together in one way or another.
Bella and Edward
While Twilight is a teen fanfiction and less thought written by an inexperienced writer as compared to Anne Rice. There is only one storyline about an impossible high school romance between a human-ordinary-always-smirking-girl and a "vegan" vampire.

With all these hype in Manila about Twilight: Eclipse movie showing and getting blockbuster all time high... I can't help but feel dismayed. I want my vamps bloodthirsty, scary and evil and not de-masculinized! Edward looks gay in glitters! That reminds me, I need to finish Sophie K's novels and go back to Anne Rice's. oh why! Why did she have to become spiritually awakened and stop writing dark gothic literatures!? I like her evil.


  1. bwahaha ako din maka Anne Rice. Finished all of them pati "biographies" ng characters :) pati yung Vitorio the Vampire na unrelated nman pala

  2. wow!... good for you!... inggit naman ako kasi finished mo na sila.... i havent yet found the time.

    How about the Sleeping Beauty novels Anne Rice wrote... have you read them?

    Maganda ba yung Christ novels nya?

  3. ahh.. re: sleeping beauty series, although I use to read erotica, im not into sado-masochism themes hahaha.

  4. but still intriguing... ^_^

    Anne is a great writer.

  5. wahahahah..still on book three sa 'breaking dawn' although i must say, i was never a vampire fanatic. cant relate. i just need to satisfy my curiousity sa overrated reviews ng iba sa 'twilight' series :))

    heram books!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog. yous is soooo cool!


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