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Pulis Patola and Jackie Chan's Tweet

Philippines is in the midst of hostage drama crisis and Ms. Universe 2010 blunders..... but some people are really apathetic and still doesn't think of  the major impact this has done to Pinoy's image all over the world. They are so insensitive that they do not know how serious the situation is!

I have no idea what the hell they were thinking in picture taking infront of the bus! @_@ Wasn't this suppposed to be a crime scene?!  Why the hell are they smiling and taking a pose and posting picture below in Facebook? This bus background should not be taken as a tourist spot! For God's sake 9 lives were lost and some others are still in trauma!

 *labas ng shotgun*    ......... Bang! Bang! Bang!

Naknang tokwa!   >,<

Teh! Smile pa teh...... hang ganda moooo! @_@

Oh! Eto pa!..... mga patolang Pinoy! Smile pa! Oh tag ko kayo mamaya!

On the positive note..... I have been a fan of Jackie Chan since I was a kid..... and now I love him more.

@EyeofJackieChan tweets...... "this kind of things always happen around the world. It happened to hk's people, the whole hk is talking about it. Its really sad. HK is a nation built by a lot of different people..don't worry! We do not hate! "

Awww! The world needs more Jackie Chans!!!!   T_T


  1. hello po.. ahehehe.. napadaan lang.. tama naman talaga.. gawing bang pictorial ang crime scene.. naku naman... pati pa mga Estudyante sumali.. yan ba natutunan nyo sa skul.. mga walang manners... Lang'hiya... kaya nga nasasabihan tayo ng Philippines home of monkeys... ayan.. Gusto nyo ba yun? mga mukhang Unggoy kayo...

    And I'm a very.. very.. very... big fan ok jackie chan.. kaya malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa kanya dahil sa pagiging open minded nya... kahit HK national cya.. nakita nya parin ng tama ang sitwasyon at naging fair cya... Mahal na Mahal kita Mr. chan.. atleast we can say that we are proud to be a Filipino.............. mabuhay po kayo...

  2. the pulis are so handsome in the picture but its too late to work thier duty to us because they are pulis patola in the phillipines they cannot concentrate in what they are doing to us thats all that can i say


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