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I'm Back!!! What have you been up to?

Welcome back to me! Yey!.... After months of hiatus and not blogging... I am now going out in the sunshine again and embracing the world. Meeting friends and attending events. Yeah, it's been a long 2 months since I last blogged. I really had to pause for a while since I refused to flood my blog with alot of anti social, senti and emo moments. I would like my blog to be something that can inspire people to live a happy life and be always thankful for each day.

"Mas madaling ngumiti kahit hindi ka masaya kaysa magpaliwanag kung bakit malungkot ka..." 

Yeah, that was somehow what I have been feeling. I lost my inspiration to write and share meaningful ideas because I was feeling empty. Sweetypie♥ had to work abroad for 10-months and I suffered emotional heartbreak everytime I try to think of him. Good thing the same day he left, I got MoiMoi. My Shih Tzu. This little puppy gave me smile and support these trying times. It was hard being away with a loved one whom stayed with you through thick and thin and through PMS and bitchyness. Sweetypie♥'s being away made me realize how important he is to me and how I am very lucky to have such a very wonderful person for 7 years!
"My loneliness is killing me .....and I ....
I must confess  i still believe... 
When I'm not with you I loose my mind.. 
Gimme a siiiiignnnn..... Hit me baby one more time. " 

I'd like to share some tidbits of what I have been up to.

1. I now have 2 dogs a labrador named Bachie which is with my mom and Bro at Cavite and a Shih Tzu my fiancee bought me as a companion while he is away. Bachie is already 2 years old and I am researching on how to breed dogs. I might be sharing stuffs I learned on the process here in my blog.

2. Yes, you heard it right. Sweetypie♥ is now my fiancee and although we had some small talks before, we just made it official 2 months ago before he left and told me to wait for him. When he gets back, we will be tying the knot. I already told my mom and she is happy about it. She said it's about time. It will not be a grand wedding because I prefer the simple civil one. It will be the happiest day of my life shared with only the special people I can't live without. I found out that it takes alot of researching to make a wedding happen. Sweetypie♥ still mentioned having a Church wedding eventually when we finally saved enough for one. I might be sharing a few more stuffs about this.

3. My Shih Tzu is now 6 months old and is a very playful and sweet puppy. As I mentioned he kept me company all those nights when I was crying myself to sleep and wishing Sweetypie♥ was here. A dog is the Only Thing that loves you more than you love yourself. That is true! I would eventually be sharing some funny anecdotes of why I love MoiMoi.

4. I am now going out and reaching my friends like Sub and Charm for kwentuhan blues and Movie marathons so I have some pending Movie Reviews to post.

5. I also went back to reading and would like to share with you my pathetic insights on novels and books I read these months.

How about you? What have you been up to lately?


  1. congrats on the engagement. congrats on going back to blogging. congrats on having moimoi palaboi. hehehe. and thanks for joining my contest.

  2. @Calvin: Nyaha! salamat! ^__^


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