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What happened to Aaron Carter?

I used to have a major major love for Backstreet Boy's Nick Carter. But do you remember Aaron Carter? He is Nick's little brother who sang songs like "Crush on You" and "I'm gonna Miss you Forever" in a cartoony-chipmunky way but still managed to be in the charts. He was the Justin Bieber of the1997 era. ^__^

He dated Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, was engaged with a beauty queen turned Playboy model and was also arrested in 2008 for speeding and possession of marijuana.

He used to be this cute!

But last week, October 5 he posted in twitter a ripped, flexed and scary shirtless physique with the comment, 'I've been at Johnny Wright's compound working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release!'
(shocks! those arms are scary! @_@)
(he looks a bit like KC Montero here)
Note: Steroids are not good ok!? :P


  1. ewwwwww, those arms are ugly and gross!!! the last photo is fine, though, but the muscle-man photo is scary!!!!!!

  2. nyaha! I agree! katakot.... >,<

  3. Yikes! From cutie to scary. I also wonder what happened to him when Justin Bieber has captured girls' fantasy worldwide.

    I'll Google Aaron Carter because of your post. And I hope JB doesn't have those scary muscles that can make you scream.


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