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Silver Surfer Ride at Zoom Tree Top Adventure Quezon City

Silver Surfer ride
I talked about the Drixine event I attended. I've met some new friends and got to experience the thrill of riding a zipline. Here are some of the videos Carl from The WebMagazine took at the event. The Drixine event was held at Zoom Tree Top Adventure at Circulo Verde, Quezon City.
Me alone! @_@

Silver Surfer is a ride where in you stand on a hanging platform suspended less than 100 feet up which serves as your "surfboard" much like Silver Surfer. You can feel the rush during unexpected stops as you swing back and forth. It will cost you Php300.00 to ride this on a regular day.

200 ft
Superman Ride

Below are the prices for the rides. Circulo Verde Zoom Top Adventure was not that hard to find. Just go straight Calle Industria near Eastwood City and you will find an open field somewhat being developed into a posh subdivision. 
Superman Ride - 400 php
Silver Surfer Ride - 300 php
Parachute Fall Ride - 200 php

Zoom TreeTop Adventure is located in Circulo Verde along Calle Industria.
Contact no: 928-4595

I was screaming for my dear life while on ride the "surfer". Very funny cause you can hear the panic in my voice when the motorized ride started! >,<

Thanks Carl for these unforgettable videos! ^^ 


  1. hehe cool. i also went there a few days after they first opened pero opted for the superman. bitin. hehehe.

  2. waaah! >,< di na ko sumakay sa superman at sa Free Fall.... heyt heights..

  3. Waaaaah! I wanna try this one!

  4. I posted some photos already :) Where are yours?!?! haha


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