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Loading New, Exciting Life. Please Stand By.

It's been a month since my last post. A lot has happened lately that I just didn't had the time to blog. I even contemplated on closing this blog but since my Google account automatically renewed my domain subscription for a year, I have no other choice but to keep my space on the web alive and running.

I might be posting some back logs for the coming days. Picture updates on me and why I allowed cyber cobwebs on my blog. And I also would like to tell you something very exciting I did before the new year 2011 started. Sometimes on the way to whats supposed to happen something even better happens.

Last month, I posted on my Facebook status...... "I read somewhere that if you wished for something hard enough with all your heart, the universe will conspire to make it come true. But I also believe that everything happens for a reason in His perfect time." So I let Him take charge of my life and surrendered everything in His plans.

♥Echoserang Queen

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