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Who cares baby! I wanna marry you!.. ♥

Hellloooo!!! It's me! I'm back.

Where do I begin? A lot has happened to me last month and this month that I am still reeling!

Guess who's got married!? Yeaaaabaaah! ^_^  *sabay cartwheel*

Yes! I am now officially hitched! Before the whole kwento and blow by blow account of the 5 days processing, preparation and challenges before the wedding, here is a little presentation I made for you.

{Photos courtesy of  Mheann, Flowers courtesy of  Mae Ruth}

"I don't need a grand wedding hon.... just you and me in marriage." - ♥Reyna


  1. Congratulations!!! :)

  2. first time ko nakita to ahh! congrats sis. im happy for you. love you much! wish you guys a happy life :)

  3. Thanks thanks sub! ^_^


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