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How to respond to Annoying questions?

What is the most annoying question that you have been asked lately?  Mine was... "Biglaan ang wedding mo ah, pregnant ka?". Another question that I consider so effing annoying is ..."So, kelan kayo gagawa ng baby?" Tapos dadagdagan pa ng... "Ay, gumawa ka na para makahabol."

Ow em gee! @_@  I didn't know that marriage was a contest? Para ba itong Amazing Race na dapat paunahan makafinish ng challenges sa pitstop like securing the best groom or having the best wedding or getting pregnant the fastest?

Yes, this is the dragonessa in me. 
Syet! Lest you would like to see the dragonessa in me... dont effing bring up those questions. My priorities are different from yours brotha'. Hindi lahat ng tao nagpapakasal because pregnant na si babae o pikot si lalake. I got married because I feel it was the right time!

Syet!... eff! eff! eff! and another syet! Why is it that Pinoys are so incosiderate and insensitive? Why can't all Pinoys know that there are certain topics na di dapat tinatanong sa mga kakilala nila else they'll get them upset or be considered nosy!

Why are some people in my life so feelingerong close and they don't even know when to ask the right questions. You need to know that some questions regarding age, weight, religion, salaries and how much people paid on things are considered way too personal! People get annoyed and bothered even if the person asking is their family.

Nasanay kase tayo sa kulturang Pilipino. These are some of the traits that I would like us to evetually get rid of. Being so chismoso and nagmamarunong sa buhay ng iba. Hindi ko tinatanong ang opinyon mo so keep your comments to your self. Magkaiba tayo ng priorities sa buhay ok so stop telling me what to do.

Finally, my husband and I will get pregnant when we feel the time is right. Case closed.

Meanwhile.... here are some of the most annoying questions and how to best answer them.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend yet?
A: “I’m juggling so many hot guys right now that it’s going to be a while before I decide to tie myself down.”

Q: When are you two going to have kids?
A: “We’re way too busy enjoying the honeymoon phase to think about that yet.”

Q: Did you lose weight?
A: “Thanks, it must just be a good week for me!”

Q: How much is your rent?
A: “I know, this place is fabulous. I’m so lucky to have gotten a really good deal on it. How’s your apartment?”

Q: How much do you make?
A: “I don’t really worry about my salary. It’s more important that I love my job.”

Q: Where’s that bag/top/pair of kick-ass pumps from?
A: “Oh this? I’ve had it for so long I can’t remember anymore.”

Q: You look so tired. (Okay, not really a question, just a beyond rude observation no one should ever make.)
A: “Actually, me and [insert name of your hook-up/boyfriend/husband here] were up kind of late last night. But it was sooo worth it.” Follow up with your best If-you-know-what-I-mean face.

The best way to answer...... is to answer without actually answering. Be pleasant but vague.


  1. haha, got entertained by this blog post because I soooo can relate... people will be like "Hannah, tumaba ka anoh?" and I'll be like /wrist gaaaah.. annoying nga talaga. anyway, thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. hahaha! kaloka di bah. Imbyernang imbyerna kase ako kahapon kaya ayun! naiblog ko tuloy.
    hehe.. thanks for dropping by Hannah!


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