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Moimoi, my Happy Happy Shih Tzu

Last year, we bought a shih tzu from my colleague. I begged my hubby to buy me one para naman I have kasama sa bahay while he is away. It was such a fun when I posted on FB a poll for his name. My friends voted on choices like Boknoy, Mikmik or Potchie. And then I named him Moimoi. He was such a cute and happy puppy.
who says playing while eating should not be done?
He likes to sleep infront of my computer screen on top of my table whenever I slack around the house and just surf the net all day. 
Baby, stop droooling!
During my times of sadness because Sweetiepie was not here with me, Moimoi was my comfort and stress reliever. One time, I went home from work feeling stressed and so sad, while watching tv and thinking about my hubbby, tears started falling. When Moimoi saw that I was silently weeping, he did the sweetest thing of just sitting beside me, putting his paws on my lap and like a small child comforting me turned his happy happy face  on! It made me smile!

Isn't he soooo adorable?
He is part of my family now. Sweetiepie♥ loves him so much they play catch ball everyday. My mom and brother loves MoiMoi too that they wanted him to stay in Cavite na with them. Ayaw ko nga! Paano naman ako? Wala ako kasama sa apartment ko!? 

My mom and bro with Moimoi (Shih Tzu) and Bachie (Labrador Retriever)

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