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What I've been upto these Days?

Yes, I have been very busy these past weeks. With the re launch of my Reyane Haven site and spending up my weekends on shipping orders and doing client meet-ups/pick up of their product orders. Right now, I have decided to stick to 2 products line on my site and so far, everything is going so well!

Reyane's Online Shoppe is an online business I solely own and run since September 2009. With a website hosted under multiply, started online selling a mix of brand new and pre-loved items with a goal to bring the nicest affordable bargain finds in the Metro to the convenience and limited time of a modern-independent Pinay. By February 2011, Reyane's Online Shoppe was launched in Facebook while I signed up as dealer of Philippine made organic beauty products from Gandang Kalikasan Inc's Human♥Nature . The e-shop is now focused on spreading the knowledge about Human♥Nature Organic Beauty Products and the advantages of using 100% organic items supporting an advocacy that is Pro-Philippines and Pro-environment and Pro-poor. Within the same month, I also found another product that seems like a miracle to the working Pinay. ✽Authentic Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee and Slimming Orange Juice which I used for 2 months and became 20 lbs lighter without diets and exercise. I am sharing the information about these awesome products on my online shoppe so go visit  or add my facebook business account Reyane Haven.

The downside is... I think I can no longer keep up with the Project 365 that I may have to pass on this project na. A full time day work while managing an online shop during weekends, writing for Echoserang Queen and FoodieThought blogs, attending events and press releases and keeping my Shih Tzu's hair clean are waaaaay over for my schedules na. I know I have sooo many blog backlogs that I needed to post bago pa sila mapanis. hahahaha...  So keep on visiting my site my dear friends and I hope I can share with you in the coming days my product reviews about Human♥Nature and the benefits you can have when you finally decide to switch to organic and environmentally safe products.

And Oh! Yeah I miss you! *hugs*

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