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Xend Express Courier - Review

I have a MyXend account with Xend Business Solutions Inc. since 2009 but it was my first time last Wednesday that I created an online WAYBILL and scheduled a pickup. I used to ship thru LBC but has now preferred Xend. MyXend site is very user/seller friendly and can allow my customers to track packages instantly. Xend also has an app for sellers that we can add to our websites so customesr can track their package directly from your E-stores.

I also like their Xend Badge that is HTML based and can be posted to E-shop website which serves as a bragging badge that shows how many successful deliveries were already processed. For customers this can be a way to check if an online shop is legit.

I had to run an errand that day and left my item with someone along with the waybill and payment for shipping charge. The rider picked up within the day though, notified me and was polite to apologize for the delay.

Was I happy with my first shipping experience with MyXend? Let's say I waited for some hours but since MyXend site did not guarantee on time pick for the timeframe I indicated in the site, I did not expect much.

When I came back the item was picked-up, I have a copy of 1 of 4 of the waybills, an official receipt of how much the SF was and a supply of pouches for my next shipping. Yes, I am contented with the service....

and nope.... this review is not sponsored by Xend. I just wanted to write and share again something awesome. ^_^   Till our next transaction Xend and God bless!


  1. dropping by have a nice day :)

  2. nice service.. i'll go try that. thanks for the info.


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