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PETA's Undercover Investigation @ Angel's Gate Hospice

T_T remember.... 

Genesis 2:15 ESV - The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to WORK IT AND KEEP IT. 

Stories like these always make me cry. I wish I could do something and inspire others to be also compassionate to animals. T_T

No animal should be kept in the cruel conditions that PETA's investigator witnessed at AG, but for animals with special needs, quality of life and individualized care is especially critical. Elderly animals who are nearing the end of their lives suffer severe emotional—not just physical—distress when, for reasons they have no way of understanding, they are abandoned by the family they have always known and loved. Senior animals must be able to rely on their guardians to be brave and see them through difficult times, even when that means saying goodbye
Tsk tsk.... sad stories...... I could never imagine abandoning Bachie nor Moimoi....... T_T

Read here for the complete story....

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