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Sign of the Times: UFO Sightings All Over the World

Is it just me, or is it because I was scaredy obsessed watching Final Destination, Doomsday, Independence Day, The Day after Tomorrow and 2012 movies..... is it just me realizing the constant news about volcanoes being active, earthquakestsunamis changing earth's landscapes, sinkholes, and weather changes...  

….The "DISASTERS" that are coming.... the military and "GOVERNMENT" knows about them... and there's a lot of SAFE AREAS in this WORLD that they could begin moving the POPULATION TO NOW... but they are not doing anything they want those major population centers WIPED OUT... so that the few that are left will be more easily CONTROLLABLE…. (transmition lost) 


  1. hello..good evening..happy blogging and enjoy it

  2. Sabi nga ni Brod Pete... "Alien!"

  3. Interesting take on the reason behind the numerous "natural" disasters. Sana lang someone could tell kung unexplainable talaga ung mga videos or baka hoax lang talaga yan mga yan.


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