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.The Ordeal.

.The Ordeals of being a "tambay".
Here I am writing my fourth entry here in my blog.. *sorry for those people who always visits this site and hasn't found anything new*

hmmm..... im at lost of words.... yep! there has been alot of things that i wanna say here but i cant seem to find the perfect words to start them up. Yup! Theres lot of things that i wnna share with you guys but i dont know where to start! Theres about my work, my family, my bum condition now... my lovelife *yes, i do have a lovelife!* and sometimes a sex life too! wehehe! no! that one is a joke!

Err, ano ba ang latest sa buhay ko? To tell you guys, ive recently quitted my job. *sad*.... but never the less ... life must go on.... kung di ka na masaya sa ginagawa mo, then stop na dibah?! korek? korek!

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