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.Angry Thoughts and Guilty Conscience.

I just cant help to think on the way i treated my eighteen year old brother... a few hours ago ... it was so rude and unsisterly. It was not how i wanted to act but due to the anger and frustration that i was feeling at that time i ended up muttering words and saying things i deeply regret afterwards. Still... a part of me says he deserves to be given a disciplinary action ... nga lang mali ata ang action na ngawa ko,,,.

And now i felt so guilty, thinking i made alot of emotional damage with our sibling relationship. A lesson to the story, "Keep your mouth shut whenever you are angry.... u'll just end up saying and doing stupid things that you'll regret. "


  1. true.. so true..
    nakakatanda din ako.. i feel you..

    it's just that i shut up whenever i don't have anything good to say..

    everything will work out fine.. blood is thicker than water.. :)

  2. sad rina....ganyan din ako before.....kya lng ano mgagawa ntin..were both "panganay" d best way to do is to extend your
    patience....tingin ko selos lng yan bro mo...labas nmn kau minsan ok...


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