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.Palipas Oras.

9:13 PM(MAR 8) @ work
there are a lot of things going on my mind right now ... calls to be answered... things to do .... thoughts to write .... financial budgets to sort out ..... and arguments to settle.

The night is still young... there are still alot of things to do and talk about. well, first stop, i logged in awhile ago 1 minute before my shift which is 8:00PM . i logged in at 7:59PM. its quite not me because before i used to be at work 2-3 hrs before my shift ... now hindi na ganun .... gwabeh akalain mo.. nakatagal ako dito sa work na to? mag re regular na nga ako sa 1st week ng April. And i'm having plans to stay and have my career here... pero syempre hindi CSR forevah! i'll be applying for QDS(Quality Development Specialist) or Acct Sup. Or maybe apply sa technical department. Kasi naman OK naman ako sa company eh. wla pa naman ako reklamo sa administration nor sa co employees ko. In terms of sweldo... dun may problema coz compared to other centers im paid alot lesser than them. but the beuty of it is when i finally finishes my contract and im already free of the bond.. given a chance.. ill apply around greener pastures... (teka... musta na kaya c tita mhe ann sa HSBC?)

life is just a mess these days .... and the only thing that is worth living for is knowing there is someone who values your existence in this world. Either its your mom being proud of you, .... your brother who appreciates your hardwork for his future or just simply the touch and warmth of your special someone's embrace in a cloudy moment in your life ...letting you know that your efforts and hardships are not left unnoticed. Its like a reward having such amazing inspirations and it makes you going on and on despite the angers and turmoil inside you. And i'm happy i have these people whom i know will always be there for me no matter what.

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  1. i sent you an email - i just thought you visit this often.. and here's the cc of the email.. :)


    uhmm actually, personally, gusto maiba naman ng location para lang maiba - hehehe - lagi kasi tayo volets - although, ok lang sakin yun kasi special volets eh.. but if we do have other options - dun ako... for a change...

    and lucky has been working with the transpo and "luckily" (well.. for me..) meron tayong sasakyan... ewan ko dun sa may ayaw, actually, si hazel talaga may ayaw ng sasakyan - bakit kaya?? eh hindi naman out of the way and i think its really comfortable for everyone na may sasakyan - at least ngayon madadala ko na yung mga foods - madadagdagan ko pa. ang sabi niya hindi rin naman siya sasabay pauwi kasi mag-cacavite siya - i don't really understand her point. ang sa akin lang - marami akong dala - samin manggagaling yung car and magkakaron tayo ng option na magbago ng venue.

    hindi ko alam bakit ayaw niya - ikaw ok lang ba sayo?? i mean, we can all cancel the transpo and proceed with volets and then commute if majority of the peeps doesn't want the idea of having a transpo...

    kasi ang plano, i f we have a car - in this case VAN, hindi tayo mag-vovolets, either laguna hot spring or cavite na hindi volets. about naman sa pagpunta mo - i told mhe to advise PJ na siya lang talaga ang driver and susunduin ka talaga sa isang place if ever --

    PJ knows it and ok lang sa kanya... but mhe was asking me, to save time, effort and gas.. kung pwede ka mag-early out. mga 3 hours before. since 5 talaga and alis - bka pwede daw ikaw mag-out ng 5 or perhaps 6 if ever hindi talaga pwede. kasi po biyabiyahe from here to laguna tapos after makarating babalik uli to get you .. hehehe.. ewan ko lang kung hindi to sayang sa gas... sakin ok lang, kahit san ka sunduin.. sabi mo naman alam mo ang cavite.. we can pick you up there and then bumyahe all the way to laguna uLi. sayang nga lang yung bonding time - as early as 7 siguro andun na tayo.. but it's your decision - kung hindi talaga pwede - ok lang, we can pick you up anytime..

    i dunno, naguguluhan ako.. all i wanted is to have fun with you guys, hot spring in laguna or cavite and a car----complicated ba?? kung ako rin lang ang masisisi bandang huli - let's just cancel everything and proceed to commuting to volets.

    holler back, thanks sis!

    i opted not to send this to everyone.. i dunno if they can understand me or what, basta if you think majority of remyxx doesn't want to rent the van, fine with me.. let's all commute then.


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